kevin rabinovich

Kevin is a virtual event producer and organizer working on progressive and socialist causes. His work spans the intersections of ideas, youth, technology, design, and education.

Currently, he is the founder and owner of Dangerously Persistent, a production studio working towards collective liberation.

His clients and partners have included, Equality Now, Richard Saul Wurman (the founder of TED), and design legend Debbie Millman.

Before that, he produced events for Bernie Sanders’s 2020 campaign as first an advance person and then a national scheduler.

In 2018, he founded DesignUnderstandAct, a fellowship and 3-day summer intensive that trains young activists in the fundamentals of organizing.

Since 2011, he’s served as curator and executive producer of [email protected], South Carolina’s first by-youth, for-youth organization that has engaged thousands of high school students in dialogues around current issues.

Have a look at his design portfolio or some of his writing. You can also find him on LinkedIn if that’s your cup of tea.

Don’t look at his YouTube channel.