kevin rabinovich

Hi! I’m a designer / activist / organizer working in the intersections of ideas, youth, technology, design, and education. Particularly, I’m interested in using design thinking to address problems in K–12 education and youth civic engagement.

I’m the founder (and now curator) of [email protected], South Carolina’s by-youth, for-youth organization that unites high school students around the power of ideas.

As part of the Obama Foundation’s inaugural Community Leadership Corps, I’m launching a project to help young activists understand fundamental theories of change to bolster their work.

I was the founding co-president & creative director at Clemson UNICEF.

This past summer, I worked in Washington, DC as a partnerships intern at Youth Service America.

Last summer, I worked in NYC as a design & production intern at RadicalMedia and as the producer for Debbie Millman’s Masters in Branding thesis presentations.

Previously, I was an intern for 52inc, truematter, and IT-oLogy, and served as an advisor to Student Space — all in Columbia, South Carolina.

I have also produced videos for [email protected], as well as some satirical ones on my YouTube channel.

In high school, I organized CodeDay Columbia, a 24-hour hackathon for high school and college students, and was the regional manager for 3 seasons.

Have a look at my design portfolio or some of my writing. You can also find me on LinkedIn , Designer News, GitHub, & Twitter.

I’ve been interviewed on the TEDx podcast Hacking the Red Circle and on the Polish podcast Project Kazimierz.

My résumé is available upon request.


— kr